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You can locate the nearest emergency center and hospital near your area that allow walk in, with or without insurance in directory.  The ER doctors and nurses in these emergency centers are trained to handle the critical situation professionally and provide proper medical care, regardless of your race, insurance coverage, or financial consideration.

How Do I Find Nearest Emergency Room Or Clinic

The can help you find the closest emergency room quickly regardless where you are.  You just need to select the options presented here.

ER Phone Number

Locate the nearest emergency facility and get the phone number from the website.  Click on the highlighted menu results and launch their website.  You can see the phone number on the site.  Note down the number and call them immediately for advice.

Nearest Emergency Department

The emergency department is different from the standard clinic.  “Emergency” as the name imply, provide the highest level of medical care for the critically ill, or life-threatening injury patients.  ER rooms are equipped with full set of diagnostic capabilities that can handle almost all type of initial scanning.  The ER doctors and nurses are trained and specialize in handling time critical situation which includes heart attack, trauma, and stroke.


Emergency clinic or hospital facilities are high-ends and sophisticated.  Therefore, it does not come cheap.  In fact, an emergency room charges are expensive.  The charge can be anywhere from $400 to thousands of dollars, depending on they type of facilities used, and if surgery and specialists are required to treat the patients.  So avoid going to an ER for medical help if it is not serious and can be treated at an ordinary clinic.

ER Waiting Time

Emergency treatment clinic is different from the ordinary clinic.  It does not work on first come first serve basis.  The priority is given to those that are critically ill or injure.  These patients get to see the doctor first.  In other words, Emergency clinics have the longest waiting time, with an average waiting time of 4 hours.

Choosing The Right Nearest ER

It is important that we do not abuse the use of an ER facility.  The emergency room is meant only for the critical situation.  For most of us, we should seek medical help with the private physicians first.  If you need medical help after hours, then perhaps Urgent Care clinic can help.  But if you experience symptoms such as numbness in the leg, or face, chest pain, head injuries, or injury with uncontrolled bleeding, you should seek help in the emergency care immediately.

In an emergency situation, the priority is to get medical help immediately.  This implies that getting to the nearest Emergency hospital, or clinic closest to you is the highest priority.  Therefore, it is good that you keep a database of where the nearest emergency rooms are.  This will come in handy when you need to go find an ER.

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ER Near Me | Find Nearest Emergency Room

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